What does EU Travellers offer?

Free Registration
You register for free and we start taking care of your demands from your registration. As it is free, you are not engaged in anything but you can contact us in any case.

A first payment will be asked when it becomes serious and when we’ll have found companies for you. After this, when a company accepts you, we’ll ask you to pay the other part of the internship payment and we’ll ensure that your training agreements are signed and sent to you.

Accommodation and internship
We understand that finding accommodation abroad alone can be very complex and without any guarantee. That’s why it’s not worthwhile to spend whole days researching information about your destination country.

Do not waste time searching for companies that won’t give you an answer. Forget about wasting time searching for accommodation and falling on suspicious owners. With our large panel of accommodations and internships placements, we can ensure you that our services are guaranteed without any problem.

Our Flexible Service
You can choose from internships, accommodation, or both. You can choose which kind of internship you want and which kind of accommodation you prefer.

Support service
We guarantee to find an internship and accommodation that suits you. We will help you at the beginning of your trip and at your installation in order to give you the most comfort that we possibly can.

After this, we get you in contact with other students, organize activities and of course, we check that your stay runs smoothly and without any trouble.
From the start of your registration until the very end of your internship, we fully guarantee a high-quality service of personalised and full-service support assistance, always available, wherever you are.

We understand that it’s difficult to go abroad on your own, but thanks to us you are not alone anymore. You can contact us for any requests or emergencies and we will be ready to help you. What could be more reassuring for your family?

When paying for your accommodation and your internship, the prices both services are fair and fully explained.

Although some destinations will be more expensive, it’s for real and obvious reasons such as the location of the accommodation, material provided or the room-mates you’ll have.

Learn English
Although having an intermediate level of English is not a requirement in order to participate in the internship of your choice, it’s highly recommended.

If you have a beginner’s level of English and wish to improve your language skills, EU Travellers can provide you with group or one-on-one lessons with a skilled English teacher.


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