How to Turn an Internship Into a Job

Employers who offer any type of internship usually do so in order to test and potentially recruit new full-time employees. While internships are a way for students to gain experience in their field of interest, they also act as a means for organisations to choose the right candidates that’ll fit right into the organisation’s culture.

If you’ve recently acquired an internship at the company of your dreams and wish to turn it into a full-time job, you can follow the tips and tricks listed and increase your chances of getting hired.

Leave a Good Impression during your Internship

During your time as an intern, it’s important to show your superiors that you have what it takes, both personally and professionally, to fit into the company culture. As an intern, it’s important to learn about the mission of the organisation and what it looks for in its employees.
Building a strong work ethic by showing enthusiasm to get work done will give your employer confidence that you’ll become a valuable asset to the team.

Identify and Develop Professional Goals

By identifying your career goals, you’ll be able to find internships that meet your expectations and therefore, benefit your skill development and future career aspirations. Internships are intended to prepare applicants for future jobs and careers, so finding an internship that meets your career goals will also provide you with a competitive edge in future job searches.

Maintain a Strong Relationship with your Supervisor

During your internship, keep your supervisor up-to-date with your work and accomplishments by frequently checking in and confirming that you’ve met expectations. After you’ve understood your job responsibilities and what your supervisor expects of you, use this valuable information to show your initiative and skills to your supervisor. Through developing professional connections, you’ll be able to develop your professional network.

Allow Input from your Colleagues

Communication with your employers and colleagues about your performance will grant you with a chance to develop and make the necessary changes during your internship. Their input can be crucial in helping you improve your performance. Also, regular communication can ensure that problems are solved at an early stage.

Display Your Interest in Working for the Business

By doing this, you’re able to show the company that you consider the organisation as a place that’d you’d like to work for the long-term. Although there may not be any positions available, by showing interest, there’s a higher chance that they’ll contact you once a position opens up.
Developing a strong networking group that can assist you in accomplishing your career goals will help to make your internship experience a lot less overwhelming. Finding a mentor within this network will provide you with someone to learn from and to turn to when you have any questions. A mentor can assist you with tips on what it takes to move up and gain experience in your field of work.


Lastly, when you’ve completed your internship, express your appreciation towards your colleagues and employers. Doing this will leave a favourable impression. If you plan on returning to studying after your internship, make sure to keep in touch with your supervisor and colleagues. Let them keep an eye out for any potential job openings that may be suitable for you.

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