Good to know

For European Union nationals:

The ERASMUS grant stage (€400-900)

Leonardo Da Vinci award / website (€130 per week + up to€550 for a plane ticket reimbursement)

For French:

The scholarship mobility aid issued by the CROUS

The scholarship Pierre Ledoux (€2000-2500)

Do not forget to check for Councils and Regional Councils exchanges.

For Spanish:

Beca FARO / website (€625-1100)

Goya Mundus / website (€2600-3200)

Becas ARGO Global / website (€480-1300)

For Americans:

CIEE / website

Federal Pell Grants / website ($5550)

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant / website ($100-4000)

For Latin America:

Becas sin Fronteras / website

Fundacion Beca / website

ICETEX, Programa Internacional de Intercambios (Practicas Empresariales) / website

Beca CONACYT / website

We will provide you with a comfortable and quality accommodation in metropolitan areas with good public transportation connections.

You can choose between 3 accommodation options:

Shared self-catering accommodation:

You will be sharing one of our quality apartments with other interns from all over the world. This is a perfect opportunity to practise your language skills and have a great time together making new, life-long connections. You will have your own room.

The property includes following features:

  • 1 living room
  • 2-3 bedrooms
  • “Well equipped kitchen”
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Wifi internet
  • Dining area
  • TV with cable reception including channels in Maltese, Italian and English

Private self-catering accommodation:

If you’d rather opt for more privacy, we can find you a private accommodation through our partner company, Island Properties.

Benefit from the following features:

  • Quiet living
  • A larger variety of choice
  • A comfortable and ‘homey’ feeling
  • Choosing who you get to live with! If you’re travelling with a group of friends, you can opt to get a private residence together.

Host family:

You live amongst a host family, get breakfast and supper each day and practise your language skills in a friendly and traditional environment.

This option is preferred for interns who are under 18 years of age.

What requirements must I meet for the internship?

At EU Travellers we believe that everyone should have the chance to experience an internship abroad. That’s why we offer internships for every interested and motivated young professional no matter which qualifications you possess.

The only requirements are:

Minimum age: 17

Language skill level: minimum B1 is recommended but not compulsory.


Do I have to do a language course for the internship?

No. When you have a grasp of English (B1/B2) it is not necessary to do a language course. If you are at a very beginner’s level and want to participate in a language course, we can organise this for you as additional service.

You can check your language skill level here:


What do I absolutely have to bring to Malta?

  • ID Card or Passport
  • Cash (credit card is not accepted everywhere)
  • Insurance card or other documents related to health in a foreign country, etc…

Non-EU citizens further require a valid passport and a valid entry visa.

ALL international participants who stay for more than 90 days should apply for an eResidence document, kindly refer to the eResidence document page:

What insurance is required?

Before you start travelling, you should be in possession of valid travel and medical insurance cover.  The insurance coverage should include a health, accident and liability insurance.

How’s the climate in Malta?

The climate is very typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers, warm and sporadically wet autumns, and short, cool winters with adequate rainfall. During the winter months, households in Malta are kept warm by using heating systems such as air conditioning units, electric heaters or gas heaters. Central heating is not common in Malta. Warm clothing including warm nightwear is recommended for the winter months. Light clothing, sun protection and a cap or a hat are recommended during the summer.

What about the safety in Malta?

On the global rankings, Malta is still listed as one of the safest countries in the world.

Can I use my driving license to drive a car in Malta?

Yes, EU National or international driving licences are accepted to drive a car in Malta. The legal age for driving is 18 years. Keep in mind that driving is on the left-hand side (British system). The National Speed limit is 80 km/h on the open road and 50 km/h in built-up areas unless otherwise indicated on relevant road signs. If you intend to rent a car or drive in Malta, it is advisable to invest in comprehensive insurance.

What about the costs of living in Malta?

The cost of living in Malta is lower than big European cities like London and Paris. Below is a useful link to help you get an idea of the cost of living in Malta. Data is based on contributors to this website, sharing their personal experience:

Which electrical plug can I use and what is the voltage?

Electrical sockets (outlets) in Malta are the “Type G ” British BS-1363 type. If your appliance’s plug doesn’t match the shape of the sockets, you will need a plug adapter. The voltage is 220-240 Volts.

The process

How long does it take EU Travellers to organise an internship placement and find me an accommodation?

We require approximately 4 weeks in order to arrange everything according to your specific requests. However, as stated above, if you’re in a hurry, we’ll do our best to shorten any delays. Don’t hesitate to tell us about your situation so we’ll be able to find the right solution.

What other additional services do you offer?

As additional service EU Travellers can offer you:

  1. Transport from airport to your accommodation, including return
  2. Organise a language course in order to improve your language level

Your internship abroad

How long should the internship last?

EU Travellers doesn’t actually have a minimum duration. Internships can range anywhere from two weeks to 6 months. However, should your internship exceed 6 months, we will do everything to make the necessary adjustments to best suit you.

If the internship doesn’t match my expectations, may the host company be changed?

If you’re having difficulties with the internship, we recommend that you first contact your tutor in order to share your concerns about your internship. Do not hesitate and do it early so you won’t waste precious time. If things don’t seem to be going in the right direction, we’ll contact the company directly to discuss the problem and find a solution. If for any reason we are unable to obtain a satisfactory agreement, we will find you another internship as soon as possible AND without any additional cost for you.

I’m no longer a student, am I still eligible for an internship placement?

Absolutely, as long as you’re under 28 years old, we can find you an internship and an accommodation. If you are looking for a job experience and want to better your work skills, we welcome your request for our services.

Can you organise a language course for my stay?

Yes, of course. If you have a beginner’s level of English or if you just wish to improve your language skills we will organise a language course as additional service.

If you decide to participate in the course, we recommend you to do it before your internship starts so you will be better prepared and feel more confident with the language.

How many hours will I work per day during the internship?

Usually, you will work between 6 to 8 hours a day with 30 to 60 minutes break.

In which areas of work can I do my internship?

Here’s a list of all possible areas of work which EU Travellers can offer for you:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Administration
  • Business development
  • Communication
  • Customer relations
  • Digital Marketing
  • And many more…


Will I have a contact person on-site?

Of course! One of our staff will be available for you during your whole stay and you can contact him/her if you have any queries.

Can I use my SIM-Card in Malta?

Yes, just check if your mobile phone provider is open to international roaming. The main mobile telecommunication service providers in Malta are Vodafone, GO Telecommunications and Melita. If you don’t want to use your SIM-Card in Malta, you can purchase local top-up sim cards from the service providers at the airport or in various shops in most towns.

Special tip: Melita offers a top-up SIM Card for 10€ whereby you can get 1 GB Data Volume for 5€ for Mobile Internet. (Status as of 02.2018) Usually, Whatsapp, Google Maps and other applications should continue to work as usual after changing the SIM-Card.

Your accommodation

How long is the travel time between work and home?

We aim to keep your travel time between your home and your workplace to a minimum, however, keep in consideration that you’re free to plan activities and explore the island in your free time. At EU Travellers we feel that your accommodation in the areas we propose are perfect for young travellers looking to experience the social aspect of living in another country.

How many people will share my residence?

This depends on what sort of accommodation you choose. On average shared accommodation usually has 3 or 4 bedrooms which sleep a maximum of 2 persons per room.

Will I have to share my bedroom?

No. Although nearly all rooms can handle two guests, you will be the only one in the room. Should you wish to be 2 people in the room, that can be arranged depending on the residence in question.

Do I have to clean the residence?

You must maintain a clean room and keep the common areas clean with your other roommates. If you prefer a housecleaning service, we can supply it at an additional charge.

What if my residence doesn’t match my expectations?

We will do everything we can in order to find an accommodation that meets your expectations. However, should you have a valid and justified reason as to why the housing situation does not suit you, we will try to find you an alternative accommodation (subject to availability).

Will I have Wifi Internet in my property?

Yes, every accommodation is equipped with WiFi Internet connection.

Payments and refunds

Will I have to pay booking fees or other costs which will not be refunded if the agency can’t offer an internship that matches my expectations?

After contacting EU Travellers, one of our agents will get in touch with you in order to further understand your expectations and your profile. After you choose the internship positions you prefer, we will send your CV to our partner companies. As soon as an interview is scheduled, a deposit of €75 is required. Once the host company decides to take you on board, the remaining payment for our services will be requested. Once we receive the funds, you will receive your internship agreement signed by the host company.

What if I decide to withdraw after paying the deposit?

The deposit is non-refundable. Once the deposit is paid, it means that we’ve started our research and organised an interview with a company for you, and therefore we will not be able to reimburse you.


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