The Benefits of an Internship Abroad

TIf you’re looking to travel more whilst also improving your skill set, then why not consider doing an internship abroad? This opportunity will help you meet your travel dreams whilst also gaining new skills.  

Here are a just a handful of reasons why an international internship should be your top priority!


Gaining experience

An internship abroad will help you improve your professional skills and add life to your résumé. After all, employers are more likely to hire someone who already has experience in the field. Travelling to do your internship will allow you to differentiate from others in the workforce.



Travelling abroad to do an internship is a big leap! This can appear to be scary and overwhelming at first. However, all the difficulties and hurdles you may face will help you gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.


Cultural Awareness


With globalisation being at its prime, we’re living in an international job market. Plenty of opportunities that’ll teach you how to be adaptable through working with people from international backgrounds will come your way. By having global awareness and a world perspective, you’ll find it easier to relate to people in and outside your workplace. You’ll also benefit from skills like communication and positive attitude.




You’ll be able to build an international network of contacts during your internship abroad. This experience will give you the opportunity to form relationships with your host employers, other interns, and leaders within your industry overseas. At the end of the internship program, these relationships can help to secure a lead on a job in your field or host country.




Interning abroad gives you the opportunity to experience new situations. Undergoing an international internship on your own will give you a very real sense of independence and empowerment. Although internship program providers, like EU Travellers, will guide you through the whole process of setting up your life in Malta, navigating your new home is completely up to you.


At EU Travellers, we offer hard-working individuals an opportunity to live in sunny Malta whilst also undergoing an internship program of their choice!

If you’re still not convinced, contact us through our website or via Facebook! We’d be glad to give you more information and get you started on your internship in Malta.